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Homeownership - Hit By Hit

May 30, 2019

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What's the Password??



Let's run some scenarios. 


You've got this great item in your cart, something you've wanted forever, and have been watching forever, and the price has finally dropped. You're ready to pull the trigger, but you cannot remember the password. (Where is that thing??) You're stumped. Begrudgingly you click the forgot password and now this seemingly easy transaction is taking forever, not to mention your palms are a little sweaty because you want this item and since it is finally on sale, you're afraid everyone else is going to beat you to the punch.


Alright, that wasn't so bad. Let's take this story a bit further.


Now you are away somewhere, maybe enjoying a long weekend with your friends.  Your partner back home needs access to one of your accounts. An account you went through the trouble to make more difficult (then promptly had your cell phone cookies remember it so you wouldn't have to). Since you can't remember it, you can't tell your partner and we are back where we started with the old Forgot Password button. But this time it is much more inconvenient because you're friends are waiting and your beer is getting warm. 


One last scene. (A little grim, unfortunately.)


This time you're not around (let's just leave it at that). Getting your passwords to your loved one is not going to be as easy as pressing the Forgot Password button, because your partner also does not have the password to your email or your phone. No access means your family may not be able to get money, or know whether you have a life insurance policy, or where your investment accounts are. No access could mean some financial hardship for your family.


Unfortunately, I have seen this happen, which is why you need help.


Enter LastPass.


LastPass in their own words 'Remembers your passwords so you don't have to.'


It is an online vault which will store and create unbelievably secure passwords for you. You only need one password to log in and if you are still squeamish about sharing that password with someone. They have a life line, where you can grant people the ability to access your LastPass account should something unforeseen happen to you. 


LastPass has an extension for your browser which will automatically fill out your username and password when you go to the site's log in page. They also have an app for your phone providing you with the same convenience as your computer.  In addition, it will also run a scan of your current passwords to let you know where your weak points are. 


So ditch the post it notes, the journal, or the word document you use to store all your passwords, (because we all know how secure that is). Go to and get started. It is free and it is easy and your family and loved ones will thank you.






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