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Homeownership - Hit By Hit

May 30, 2019

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411 - Find Your Loved Ones

December 5, 2016


My mother and brother join my family and me for a meal every weekend. We usually coordinate these gatherings via text and sometimes the message can get lost in translation. 


A few months ago my brother showed up, but my mother did not. A couple hours had gone by, with my brother and I re-reading the texts that were sent and re-hashing any conversations that were had. We were starting to enter a bit of a panic. We called, texted, emailed but to no avail. It seemed silly that with all the technological advances, we could not find her, even through her phone, due to lack of access to her passwords. When we finally heard from her a few hours later ,we were very relieved. (Incidentally, she got the days confused and went to the movies.)


While companies like Facebook (through Facebook Safety Check) have come up with ways to help let people know you're safe, these systems still require you to make the effort to let your loved ones know you're alright. So what if you aren't alright, and you need help but your phone battery died, or you have no signal? Enter our friend Google.


Through this new app, Trusted Sources, your loved ones will know where you are, even if you don't. So the next time you are three hours late for tacos, your family will know you are watching Deadpool with your neighbors.



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