Financial Literacy For Kids & Teens

 At Evolve we love kids, because we have kids too. We know the sleepless nights begin at birth and may have no end. We know there is no love like the love of a parent. We know the panic and the questions. Are we doing enough? Enough to educate them, show them the world, enough to provide them with the best possible chance? 
While we do not know the answer to all of these questions, we do know financial education is essential to their development. Research shows the earlier you start the better. 
But where do you start?
We suggest you start here. Below we compiled some of the best resources to help you in this endeavor. There is something for everyone from friendly Sammy Rabbit to action packed Centsables! Pick what works best for your family and enjoy the process! 
Cash Crunch 101
Click through our blogs and videos to help find some inspiration and motivation on educating your kids about money.